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Things to Consider When Remodeling To Avoid Fire Damage

Published by SEO on December 28, 2021 in category: Fire Damage Repair

Open socketNo house can truly be fire-resistant today. However, there are several things you can do to avoid fire damage in your home.  

As soon as we hear about a natural disaster or calamity, several people try fixing their houses and getting their stuff in order. But, fire control is something that should be ongoing and not just a step you take to contain damage in the midst of natural disasters. 

In this article, we take a look at some of the things to consider when remodeling to avoid fire damage. This article contains useful tips from experts and will safeguard your interests the next time going get tough. 

Landscape Maintenance Is Crucial To Avoid Fire Damage

If you are remodeling your house and want to improve fire safety as well, the best thing to do is to trim the bushes around your home and make sure they aren’t a hassle to manage. Clear the bushes and shrubs across the estate and make sure they aren’t aggravating any sources of fire when disaster strikes. 

While a trimmed bush wouldn’t necessarily safeguard you from a raging fire, it will do a good job of minimizing the risk. There were houses during the Californian wildfires in Santa Barbara when the emblems and fire blew over a house, just because they didn’t have anything to jump onto or grab hold of. 

Dead trees, shrubs and overgrown bushes can all attract fire, which is why you should make sure that they are trimmed and cut down. 

Exterior Walls 

Your exterior walls act as your final line of defense and are usually the first to succumb to raging fires. The best way to make your exterior walls non-combustible is by applying stucco on them. Stucco can improve the resistance of the exterior walls. 

Additionally, if you are going for a remodeling job, you can dump the wooden look on your exterior walls for fiberglass sidings. You could also go for aluminum sidings that can be made to look like wood and are also maintenance-free in nature. 

Manage the Roof 

Homeowners get roof replacement and maintenance jobs all the time, which is why it shouldn’t be difficult for them to get a non-combustible roof installed in their home. Asphalt shingles happen to be non-combustible and do not catch fire easily. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, these roofs aren’t as expensive as one may think of them. 

You can also go for a fireproof underlayment that acts as an additional layer of protection, even if the main roof is burnt to the ground. The extra layer will stop the fire from reaching your attic and will ensure that the house and all possessions within it are protected. 

Look at the Gutters 

Always remember to clean your gutters in a routine manner, especially during the autumn season. Your gutters can get clogged with dead leaves as trees in your backyard shed the extra leaves and prepare for the long and dreary winters up ahead. 

It is recommended that you clean your gutters of all dead leaves before the season starts so that they don’t get to act as fuel for the fire. Fires can take a turn for the worse if they gain access to your gutters, from where they eventually spread across your home, reaching the basement and the flooring. 


While vents do supply in air through the attic and other crawling spaces, they can also breathe in flying embers and bring the house down from the inside out. When you go for a remodeling or a re-roofing job, you should make sure to close off all soffit vents and go for bigger dormer vents. 

You can also reduce the number of vents in your house with huge fans that circulate air across the property and evenly balance the environment within. 

Check the Windows 

Windows happen to be the weakest link in a house’s defense against fire. Most homeowners go for dual-glazed windows because they offer energy efficiency along with noise cancellation, but tempered glass windows are the way forward for fire protection. 

Tempered glass windows may cost more, but they can tolerate up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. You can also go for windows framed in steel or aluminum instead of going for windows that have frames of vinyl or wood. 

Fire safety and protection are absolutely necessary for your home. Looking for a remodeling service provider in Dallas? 911 Restoration of Des Moines is just a call away for you! You can get in touch with us to run a remodeling job that prioritizes fire safety. 


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