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Why Are There So Many Fires in Des Moines and How to Deal With Them

Published October 27, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
Are you concerned about the increasing number of fires in Des Moines? The capital of Iowa is an incredible city to live in and offers diverse employment and entertainment options for its residents. However, the city has seen a series of fire cases recently that... 

Different Types of Disinfection Tools – Which is the Most Effective Sanitization Tool?

Published September 13, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
Almost every place in your environment contains microorganisms and bacteria. Even the human skin contains bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. However, most bacteria are harmless to humans. Pathogens, on the other hand, can cause diseases or can be deadly in worst-case scenarios.... 

Warning Signs for Burst Pipes This Fall

Published August 31, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
While most people associate burst pipes with freezing temperatures, pipes can break, burst, or leak at any time in the year. Any kind of build-up of water pressure can cause bursts. Thus, even clogs can cause burst pipes if they result in built-up water pressure.... 

Mitigation Strategies to Reduce Cost & Disruption to Homeowners

Published July 31, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
You never know when tragedy will strike, nor the extent of damage it will cause. Fire and water damage restoration might always seem like the right answer whenever you are faced with a disaster. But how can you make sure that the home restoration strategy... 
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